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Change in Motion

Currant is a non-profit hub of support and opportunity that connects social entrepreneurs with the resources they need to develop their ideas. Young inspired talent is united with like-minded partners, such as local businesses, large institutions, community leaders and advisors, who are all driven to create a sustainable difference in our world.


Our members are evolutionary agents of social change, and they are supplied with the tools to make it happen. They also understand the transformative role played by technology and social media around the globe, and will use these methods to build their enterprises to reach communities around the world.

Through our support system, we provide equal opportunities for youth to explore social entrepreneurship. We want your new ideas to flourish into making a positive impact in your community, and to set a global wave of change in motion.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? 


Currant Social entrepreneurs improve communities by channeling their passions and values into social enterprises with innovative solutions. They are eager to put in the effort that is required to attain their objectives, and willing to take on the risks associated with starting a business. While the success of conventional entrepreneurship is predominantly measured by earnings, the foremost goal of social entrepreneurship is to also address societal, cultural, and environmental problems and to envelop wide-scale sustainable change.

How do we Work? 


Our graph below explains our organization's ecosystem. 

Meet our Members


Our graph below displays the traits of a Currant member.

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